GLL Barnet Copthall Diving is divided into three groups Junior, Intermediate and Senior. Divers will be taught the mechanics of the dives from a beginners level through to a more advanced competitive level. Strength and flexibility will be worked on frequently in order to prepare the divers for more advanced dives.

Dress code consists of well fitting trunks for boys and a one piece swimsuit for girls, shorts and bikinis are not allowed. In order to prevent injury it is imperative that divers complete a minimum of 10 mins warm up and flexibility prior to the session starting.

Sunday sessions are subject to availability and may be cancelled due to competitions or pool closures. Divers arriving late for sessions will not be admitted.

Junior Squad

In this group a large amount of time will be spent on making divers aware of the correct body positions for take-off, flight and entry. Basic jumps and dives will be practiced diligently with and without the hurdle step. It is from this group we expect to find potential competitors to represent the club, it is therefore expected that members are committed to the training programme.

Intermediate Squad

In this group we are looking for a daring outlook and willingness to have a go, combined with an understanding of safe practice. More advanced work will be completed on flexibility and strength training. Divers in this group will work towards competitions and will be expected to compete when requested to do so. The level of work required in this group will increase significantly from Junior Squad and divers will be expected to attend all the sessions available and also complete extra strength and flexibility training in their own time in order to improve there dives.

Senior Squad

Divers who show the potential to progress to a more advanced standard will be offered a place in the Senior Squad where six hours training per week will be available. Divers in this group must show a mature attitude and commit to the full training programme. Divers will also be expected to complete extra strength and flexibility sessions in their own time.

To register for lessons telephone the pool on (020) 8457 9900 or e-mail chief coach Rhys Gormley.