100s Meet - meet report

I want to start with some thanks and an apology.

Firstly a huge thank you to our officials and our marshalls. We had a very full programme and I have to admit that my heart sank when I saw how few scratches we had in the first session. However, the officials and marshalls kept the meet moving so quickly that despite a couple of hiccups we finished the first session half an hour ahead of anticipated time. The second session also kept moving at a good pace and we were all able to go home a lot earlier than expected. So, many many thanks to all of you.

Just after racing started in the first session our meet computer died and we had to transfer the data to our backup computer (of, yes, we have one!). This meant re-seeding the meet after the cards for the first 3 events had been issued and unfortunately due to idiocy on my part this meant that in the second event the cards and the computer didn't tie up. So, my apologies go to those swimmers who were initially given incorrect times and placings in this event. The times were corrected on the computer and the results re-issued but I know how upsetting this can be for the competitors. I'm very sorry for the error.

OK, now to the swimming. We had a 66% PB rate so many swimmers will have gone home happy with their performance. There were 6 new meet records so congratulations to :
Sophie Rittenhouse of Camden Swiss (13): 100 back in 1:10.72
Flora Hanson of Harpenden (14+): 100 back in 1:08.29 and 100 breast in 1:23.52
Daisy Fraser of Hillingdon (11): 100 free in 1:08.50
Morgan Pugh of Harpenden (14+): 100 back in 1:07.18
Erin Nabney of Barnet Copthall (11): 100 breast in 1:24.28

Congratulations also to the following visiting swimmers who had a very successful day:
Scott Broadis (2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze); Lucas Perry-Hill (Gold, 2 silver, bronze); Indigo Matthews (Gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze) all of Camden Swiss. Jack Ayling (2 gold, 3 silver) of Havering Aquatic. Flora Hanson (5 gold!!!!) and Morgan Pugh (2 gold, bronze) both of Harpenden. Tom Lambert (2 gold, 2 silver, bronze) of Luton. Lucy Taplin (Gold, silver, bronze); Leon Berchie (2 gold, silver); Adam Prunty (Gold, 2 bronze); Daisy Fraser (4 gold); Callum Mitchell (4 gold); Louis South (Gold, 2 silver) all of Hillingdon.

Many Barnet Copthall swimmers also enjoyed excellent results. Bomi Adeoye improved her times hugely in all 4 events she entered; Jan Andrzejczyk swam all 5 events and PBd in all of them; Haris Bandey went home with 4 gold and a silver; Jamilla Bethley and Paul Botje were two more swimmers with 4 PBs out of 4 events; Liam Chong, Curtis Coleman (2 silver, 1 bronze) and Aidan Doherty (3 bronze) all bettered their times in all 5 events; Isabelle Dean who won 2 golds and 2 silvers; Robert Dos Santos won 2 gold despite a sprained ankle during the week; Safina Hardy, Miles Harpley and Dominic Hogan all produced faster times in the four events they entered; Hamish Hudson and Alexander Kapanadze both improved all 5 of their times and won a bronze medal each; Alexander's brother Konstantin had 4 PBs from 4 and won 2 bronze medals; Anesa Maxwell also swam PBs in all 4 of her events; Paige Powell continued her success in the Novices and 200s with 3 gold and 2 silvers; Matt Savitz had 5 PBs plus a gold, 2 silvers and a bronze; both Kavi Shah and Ben Shuker entered four and PBd in four; Mirren Stewart had 5 from 5 PBs and a silver medal; and lastly (sorry, Mollie this is alphabetical!) Mollie Whiteside's 5 PBs earned her 2 silvers and a bronze. Well done to all these swimmers.

We hope that you all enjoyed your day despite the odd technical glitch and that ALL swimmers went home satisfied with at least some of their performances.

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