Club Champions 2007

Many congratulations to our new Club Champions for 2007. They will be presented with their trophies at the Barnet Copthall Presentation Evening in February.

Girls 8 and under: Alice Bell
Boys 8 and under: Joey Shalovsky

Girls 9 yrs: Poppy Chapple
Boys 9 yrs: Fabio Arricale

Girls 10 yrs: Akari Ishida
Boys 10 yrs: Zach Shalovsky

Girls 11 yrs: Harumi Yagi
Boys 11 yrs: Jamie Richter

Girls 12 yrs: Megan Boldison
Boys 12 yrs: George Carter

Girls 13 yrs: Jo-Anne Zambelli
Boys 13 yrs: Oliver Keegan

Girls 14 yrs: Lauren Chapple
Boys 14 yrs: Kim Liu

Girls 15 yrs: Jessica Jackson-Virk
Boys 15 yrs: Charlie Boldison

Girls 16 and over: Jessie Porter
Boys 16 and over: Chris Eddon

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