Emma Harvey

Great news for Emma Harvey, Barnet Copthall's synchro coach and Master's swimmer - not so great news for Copthall! Emma has been appointed to coach international synchronised swimmers in Aruba - yes, that's the Aruba which is in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela. Let's think - Barnet or Aruba, North London/rain/cold winds/A41 or Caribbean/sun/sea/sand - tough choice huh?

Emma will be very much missed both by the synchro swimmers she coaches and by her fellow swimmers in Masters when she leaves at the end of September. Before this she goes to Cadiz to compete at the European Masters in both synchro and the 400m and 800m freestyle. Emma won medals in both disciplines at the World Masters last year.

So, good luck to Emma in Cadiz - but most of all good luck from everyone at Barnet Copthall for her exciting new life in Aruba.