Winter Invitational Meet - January 7th

Session times for next Sunday's gala have been amended as follows:

Session 1: Warm-up and sign-in 08:30; start 09:30

Session 2: Warm-up and sign-in 12:00; start 13:00

Session 3: Warm-up and sign-in 15:15; start 16:00

Events remain in the same sessions as before.


Please note sign-in times.  After these times the sign-in sheets will be taken away, swimmers who have not signed in will be deleted from their events and the events will be seeded.  That is, swimmers will be assigned heats and lanes according to their entry times.  

At the Club Championships many swimmers failed to sign-in on time and we would really like to avoid this happening again.  It can result in a) disappointment for the swimmer if they cannot swim; b) the embarassment of swimming in the first heat with much slower swimmers; c) a lot of extra work for the meet organiser and d) a potentially delayed start while all this is sorted out.  


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