Felix Cheng


4th in the 200m fly 11 to 12 years nationals 2012
2nd in the Bagcats at nationals 2012
National champion 200 fly / 4 x 100 medley relay & 2nd in 100 fly, 3rd in 200im 2013
2nd in 200 Fly & 3rd in 100 Fly Nationals  2014 

Most memorable moment

Making nationals one year early in 200 fly

Favourite music

Adele, Bruno Mars, Alex Carr, Queen Taylor Swift


Michael Phelps

Favourite event

200m fly and 100m fly

Sporting ambition

To swim in the Olympics and win a medal

Favourite food & drink

Spaghetti carbonara and apples


Singing, hanging out with my friends and drawing

Advice for young swimmers

Listen to your coach all the time and train 100% in training

Favourite saying

Don’t forget to smile